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Our Mission & Values

It is time for us to get serious about the issue of coexistence. Our world is becoming smaller by the day. There is no longer any room for an "us" Vs "them" mentality. Our lives are too interdependent, too intertwined. Technology has made it possible for a few, disgruntled people to visit devastation upon all of humanity.

Coexistence has become more important now than during any other time in history. We are committed to the idea of coexistence and it is our mission to make it a reality fir the world in which we live.

Understanding and justice are the keys to peace. We need to achieve sustainable solutions for the problems facing the world; solutions that are peaceful, just, and fair.

Islam Daily is a forum where people of various religions and ideologies can come together and engage in meaningful dialogue. It seeks to provide an opportunity for people to work out their differences in an atmosphere of tolerance, respect, and mutual recognition.