• 31. East Africa's Drought: 11 Million Lives At Risk

    Tristan McConnell, 19 Jul 2011

    Aid agencies warn the drought is regional — affecting Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia — and the hunger that now stalks the land may become famine.

  • 32. World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis in Somalia: U.S. Sends in the Marines and More Drones

    Glen Ford, 17 Jul 2011

    The original crime – the one from which all the other horrors flow – was the theft of Somalia’s government,...

  • 33. Bashir's Choice

    James Traub, 11 Jul 2011

    South Sudan is being baptized in blood. On Saturday, July 9, when the south formally...

  • 34. UN Refugee Agency Warns of Crisis 'of Unimaginable Proportions' in Somalia Drought

    Zoe Flood in Nairobi, 09 Jul 2011

  • 35. Worst Drought in 60 Years Hits 10 Million in East Africa

    Hui Min Neo, 29 Jun 2011

    A poor rainy season coupled with rising food prices have led to severe food shortages in countries including Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Uganda.

  • 36. Sudan: Half the horror remains untold

    Tendai Marima, 09 Jun 2011

    When selective reporting due to lack of interest leads to the portrayal of the internationally supported...

  • 37. Sudan's invasion of Abyei: Is it ethnic cleansing or isn't it?

    Colum Lynch, 07 Jun 2011

    Last week, the U.N.'s human rights office in Sudan produced an internal memo concluding...

  • 38. Growing Numbers of Young Children Wounded, Killed in Somalia

    Voice Of America, 05 Jun 2011

    In the Somali capital Mogadishu, more and more children are becoming victims of the fighting between pro-government forces and the Islamist militia al Shabab.

  • 39. Guinea: A Nation at the Crossroads

    Human Rights Watch, 26 May 2011

    (Conakry) - President Alpha Condé, who took power in December 2010, should address the profound human rights...

  • 40. Alassane Ouattara heralds 'dawn of new hope'

    David Smith in Abidjan, Xan Rice in Nairobi and Adam Gabbatt, 14 Apr 2011

    He said Gbagbo, his wife Simone and the former president's entourage would be investigated by Ivorian authorities.

  • 41. African commission asked to take case challenging CIA rendition program

    Sudarsan Raghavan and Julie Tate, 02 Mar 2011

    NAIROBI - A case filed before an African judicial body could open a new front in efforts by human rights...

  • 42. Sharia law to be tightened if Sudan splits - president

    BBC, 21 Dec 2010

    Mr Bashir said the constitution would then be changed, making Islam the only religion, Sharia the only law and Arabic the only official language.

  • 43. Lure of a 'holy war'

    Sudarsan Raghavan, 30 Nov 2010

    Abdul Qadir Mohammed remembers the imam's powerful voice bouncing off the mosque's white walls.

  • 44. Life on the front line in a city laid bare by war endless war

    Daniel Howden, 29 Nov 2010

    The sea breeze carries the sound of Mogadishu's dawn chorus of munitions as far as the sand dunes high above the Indian Ocean. On the horizon,...

  • 45. Battle for Mogadishu escalates

    Tristan McConnell , 30 Oct 2010

  • 46. After Attacks in Uganda, Worry Grows Over Group

    Abir Sarras , 13 Jul 2010
    The deadly bombings in Uganda during the World Cup final have deepened worries among American authorities about another once localized Islamic group...

  • 47. Foreign Policy: The Global Nature Of Somalia's Issues

    --, 26 Jun 2010
    In recent months, many in the United States seem to have given up on Somalia. In March, for example, the Council on Foreign Relations issued...

  • 48. Somali see-saw

    --, 10 May 2010
    Thousands of Westerners, or to be more precise holders of Western passports, are being recruited by Al-Qaeda in Somalia -- according to Western intelligence agencies.

  • 49. Peacebuilding amid Terrorism: Fragile Gains in Somalia

    Andre Le Sage , 31 Oct 2009
    With leadership support from Harakat al-Shabab and Hizb al-Islamiyah -- two Somali Islamist movements -- al-Qaeda's East Africa cell has long used Somalia as a safehaven.

  • 50. In Shift for Obama, U.S. Settles On Modulated Policy for Sudan

    Colum Lynch and Mary Beth Sheridan , 18 Oct 2009
    Buoyed by booming oil wealth and a close relationship with China, Sudan has shrugged off repeated threats of action by the United States and other major powers.

  • 51. Somalia's leading export: its civil war

    GEOFFREY YORK, 23 Sep 2009
    Somalia's vicious 18-year civil war is spilling out into Kenya and beyond, spiralling into a global struggle that enmeshes the Somali diaspora from Africa to Europe to Canada.

  • 52. Foreign Policy: Nigeria's Taliban Not The Problem

    Jean Herskovits , 05 Aug 2009
    Even established leaders of Islam in the north, who condemn Yusuf's preaching, are aware of how government has failed Nigeria's young. What has Western education done for them lately?

  • 53. Nigeria: Latest Front in War on Terror?

    Scott Johnson , 04 Aug 2009

  • 54. Ethiopia: Country's Struggle for Democracy and the Rule of Law

    Solomon Gebre-Selassie, 28 Mar 2009
    Ethiopia is a country with over 3,000 years of recorded and oral history, and African civilisation. It is one of the few ancient civilisations that has its own scripts and indigenous culture. The obelisks at Axum, the castles at Gondar, the rock-hewn churches at Lalibela in the north of the country,...

  • 55. The Big Bully Beatdown, 16 Mar 2009
    The fighting in Somalia is coming down to a battle between traditional Islamic practices (the mystical Sufi form) and the more radical Wahhabi version, imported from Saudi Arabia and concentrated in the al Shabaab group. Wahhabi Moslems consider Sufi to be a heresy (Wahhabi tends to consider any form of Islam other than theirs to be heresy).

  • 56. "Homegrown" terrorist recruitment in Somalia

    Spencer S. Hsu and Carrie Johnson , 11 Mar 2009
    Senior U.S. counterterrorism officials are stepping up warnings that Islamist extremists in Somalia are radicalizing Americans to their cause, citing their successful recruitment of the first U.S. citizen suicide bomber and potential role in the disappearance of more than a dozen Somali American youths.

  • 57. Can Darfur's disparate rebels unite?

    Scott Baldauf , 17 Jul 2007
    Just a year or two ago, Sudanese militant leaders Al-Hadi Adam Agabeldour and Sadiq Ali Shaibo would have considered each other enemies. They belonged to different militias, and their ethnic groups – Arab and Zaghawa, respectively – were fighting on opposite sides of the war in Sudan's troubled Darfur region.

  • 58. Only Bold Action in Somalia Will Put End to the Chaos

    Salim Lone, 01 Apr 2007
    Three months later, John's fears of a nightmare scenario still cannot be ruled out, as evidenced by the revolting desecration on Mogadishu's streets of dead Somali and Ethiopian soldiers' bodies, followed by the downing of the plane supporting the African Union peace-keepers.

  • 59. Political Islam is not yet dead in Somalia

    Michael Shank, 14 Jan 2007
    Since the early 1990s, Somalia has lacked any semblance of a strong government. After the government collapsed in 1991, Shariah-oriented Islamic courts emerged, managing the judiciary system, acting as local police by preventing robberies and drug-dealing, and offering other services such as education and healthcare.

  • 60. Somalia: New Hotbed of Anti-Americanism

    Nicola Nasser , 05 Jan 2007
    The U.S. foreign policy blundering has created a new violent hotbed of anti-Americanism in the turbulent Horn of Africa by orchestrating the Ethiopian invasion of another Muslim capital of the Arab League, in a clear American message...

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