• 91. Algerian president leads vote

    Megan K. Stack, Los Angeles Times, 26 Apr 2004
    The president who led this blood-soaked nation through the waning years of an Islamist uprising appeared poised to win a second term yesterday in an election that was seen as a test of a burgeoning democracy.

  • 92. Libya Islamists observe a sit in inside the hall of al-Shaab court, 25 Apr 2004
    The Libyan security forces escorted by special forces are besieging al-Shaab court, to the south of Tripoli, in preparation to break into it in order to end the sit-in announced by members of the Muslim Brothers group since Wednesday morning.

  • 93. Combating Terrorism in Africa Makes America More Secure

    Bruce Greenberg, 24 Apr 2004
    The most effective way for the United States to combat international terrorism in sub-Saharan Africa is to maintain full diplomatic and military engagement with African countries so that they can individually and collectively protect themselves from terrorists, according to two foreign policy specialists.

  • 94. Unrest in Sudan's west

    Gus Constantine, The Washington Times, 22 Apr 2004
    An escalating revolt in western Sudan's Darfur region threatens to blindside international efforts backed by the United States, now near completion, to end a 21-year-old civil war between the Muslim Arab-dominated government in Khartoum and its predominantly black southern rivals...

  • 95. Christians say Islamic extremism on rise in Nigeria

    Tom Ashby, 17 Apr 2004
    Foreign-funded Islamic extremism was behind the burning of nine churches in the northern Nigerian state of Kaduna, a Christian leader said on Tuesday.

  • 96. Algeria's war waning, but Islamic extremism can still beckon to jobless, 12 Apr 2004
    A few years ago reports of entire families being hacked to death by Islamic extremists were daily fare in the Algerian press.

  • 97. Khartoum: news on a coupe attempt, 05 Apr 2004
    The Sudanese Islamic opposition figure Hassan al-Turabi yesterday announced that the Sudanese authorities detained several officials from the People's National Congress party which he presides over.

  • 98. U.S. Agents Spied on Islam Conference: Organizer

    Mustafa Abdel-Halim, IOL Staff, 14 Feb 2004
    CAIRO, February 14 ( & News Agencies) - The U.S. army intelligence spied on a Texas University conference on Islam and then asked for a list of participants.....

  • 99. The Prophecy Behind Islam, 13 Feb 2004
    Islam is based on established invariables and variables, with each boundaries being clearly defined and dileanted by the Holy Scriptures.

  • 100. Sudan Shifts from Pariah to Partner

    Abraham McLaughlin, 13 Feb 2004
    Yet analysts say the nearby war with Iraq may have reminded Bashir of his vulnerability as a Muslim dictator. There are other reasons to make peace, too. Sudan exports about 250,000 barrels of oil per day, creating about $2 billion in revenues last year. Stability could bring production up to 500,000 barrels a day.

  • 101. U.S. - E.U. Invading Africa -- And All Other "Non-Integrating Gap" Countries

    Newlink, 13 Dec 2003
    According to one highly-placed source, this invasion of selected countries in Africa is designed to forcibly and quickly move them into the Global Eco

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