Media without compass

The Saudi media, despite its alleged expansion, paid little interest to an important decision at the international level that was released in the last few weeks by the Security Council Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee removing the name of a charity foundation that was accused of supporting terrorism. In nearly 10 years, only two men carried out an almost impossible task in challenging the charges that the US authorities was unable to prove, despite the abuses committed by some US agencies against the charity and its staff. The Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee concluded that accusations against Al-Haramain Foundation are unfounded. The same committee last year removed the name of Eng. Soliman Al-Buthe, the founder of Al-Haramain Foundation in Oregon, USA.


The US authorities charges against Al-Haramain following the 11/9 terrorist attacks was the beginning of a war against the Saudi charity works abroad. These accusations forced charities to lose ground, especially, when official authorities did not seem to take any direct or indirect steps to face the targeting efforts in order to protect a long legacy of charitable activities experience, so we lost our charitable work experience abroad, creating a gap that was occupied by other international players. There is no doubt that charitable works in general have witnessed many failures, which in a desperate need to institutionalization and professional management. Thomas Nelson, a US Attorney, committed to handle the case and formed with Eng.  Soliman al-Buthe a small team, with little resources. But they managed to carry out efforts that great law firms or public relations companies can't do.

Ironically, this unique and painful experience did not receive the due attention by the media or even by the entities indicted by Washington! They are in a desperate need to learn from that experience.

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