• 1891. Rousing Muslim Bigotry

    Jeff Jacoby, 25 Feb 2004
    The Muslim world suffers from many problems, but none is more crippling than its culture of intolerance. Rampant anti-semitism anywhere is always a sign of grave moral sickness. Until more Muslims are prepared to confront and conquer that sickness in their midst, the Muslim world will remain the benighted backwater that so many Muslims deplore.

  • 1892. The Pipes Speech

    Lee Kaplan, 16 Feb 2004
    Daniel Pipes, the Harvard educated Middle East scholar and expert on Islam, appeared at UC Berkeley on February 10th and delivered a strong message to an audience of over 700 people: support Israel and the US in the Middle East here at home and realize we are in a state of war.

  • 1893. Islam 'doesn't' Slow Economies

    David R. Francis, 16 Feb 2004
    If Islam is not an economic impediment, then the Bush administration can concentrate on other economic issues. Aside from security problems, Iraq's biggest obstacle is its huge foreign debts. These amount to about $130 billion, reckons the Council on Foreign Relations. Without debt reduction, much of Iraq's oil export revenues would go merely to servicing that debt rather than development.

  • 1894. Struggle for the soul of Islam

    Editors, Chicago Tribune, 09 Feb 2004

  • 1895. Islam & Democracy? What a strange question !!

    Dr. Mohamed Elmasry, 07 Feb 2004
    Democracy is proven to be politically and socially better for the common good than other systems of governance...

  • 1896. Islam: Archaic, antediluvian & anti-female

    Lloyd Williams,, 07 Feb 2004
    BELIEVE IT or not, right now I'm about as fed up with Islam as the Revs. Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and the rest of the Christian Coalition combined.

  • 1897. Islam’s Perpetual War with the West

    Hal Lindsey, 07 Jan 2004
    On a scale of a hundred, George Bush understands 80 percent more than John Kerry does. But there is still a fatal flaw in the best thinking of our leaders who are seeking to defend us against the current global Islamic ‘holy war’ that has been launched against us.

  • 1898. Sultan and Shaitan

    Israel Shamir, 15 Dec 2003
    Sultan is good, just his viziers are evil, - this thought comforted many an unhappy subject through human history. Unhappy as we are, we comforted our

  • 1899. Islamic scholars: America's natural allies

    Amir Butler, 19 Nov 2003
    MELBOURNE, Australia -- Since the tragic events of 9/11, millions of words have been written attempting to understand and explain the causes of Muslim

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