• 1. Top 10 Propaganda Methods Used Today

    Top-10-list.org , 10 Oct 2014

  • 2. Innocent Victims In The Global War On Terror

    Dr. M.A. Salloomi, 29 Apr 2014

  • 3. John Locke On Equality, Toleration, and the Atheist Exception

    Adalei Broers, 21 Feb 2014

  • 4. Blacklisted for Being Muslim

    Yvonne Ridley, 13 Oct 2013

    This week, construction giants Balfour Beatty, Kier, Laing O’Rourke and Sir Robert McAlpine were among 40 companies which have pledged to compensate thousands of workers who were unlawfully blacklisted and denied employment for years. The firms funded a clandestine agency which kept secret files on construction workers labelled as ‘politically disruptive’.

  • 5. Winners and Losers - What we are and what we can be

    Mirza Yawar Baig, 13 Oct 2013

    The biography of Genghis Khan is a good place to study Loser # 1. His story is a litany of woes and losses and defeats one piled on another right through his childhood, teens and twenties. But what shines through is the almost irrational belief in his ability to win, when there was nothing happening in his life to indicate that there was even a modicum of proof to show that his belief was true. I am sure there were people in his life who thought he had gone mad. Yet his life shows that he didn’t waver in his belief and continued to make attempt after attempt, shrinking at nothing which he thought would enable him to win. As they say, history is then witness to a man who created the largest empire that the world has ever seen in his own lifetime of just over 60 years.

  • 6. Has the time come to speak of ‘fiqh of minorities’?

    Dr. Beddy Ebnou, 02 May 2013

    Has the time come to speak of ‘fiqh of minorities’?

    This question in itself, suggests that we can make a ‘presumably legitimate’ distinction between fiqh of minorities and a fiqh of majorities. So let us first clarify what we mean by minority/majority.

    Firstly, we have the philosophical approach, notably that of the philosopher Kant for example (WAS IST AUFKLÄRUNG ?), for whom minority / majority does not refer to statistical criteria within a given statistical framework. Rather, minority refers to the ability to think for oneself, thus freeing oneself from the tutelage of domination. This needs to be carried out first on the level of mutual understanding, that is to say, on an ideological level.

  • 7. New restrictions on NGOs are undermining human rights: Pillay

    United Nations Human Rights, 01 May 2012

    She urged the Egyptian authorities to withdraw the law which she described as “a potentially serious blow to the human rights...” 

  • 8. The Empire Strikes Back: Attack of the Drones

    John W. Whitehead, 01 May 2012

    Drones — unmanned aerial vehicles — come in all shapes and sizes, from nano-sized drones as small as a grain...

  • 9. Obama aide: drone strikes are legal, ethical

    Daily News, 01 May 2012

    Brennan said the strikes had been certified as complying with US law by US Attorney General Eric Holder, among other top officials.

  • 10. The Work of All Nations

    HASHIM THACI, 30 Apr 2012

    Still, when I think about mass atrocities, the most vivid images that come to mind are those of my own...

  • 11. Most Israeli citizens don't want a war with Iran

    Mehdi Hasan, 30 Apr 2012

    Binyamin Netanyahu and western hawks who seek an early strike are ignoring Israel's security experts and people

  • 12. US/Pakistan Talks Fail as Obama Refuses to Apologize for Attack

    Common Dreams, 30 Apr 2012

    The New York Times is reporting today that high-level talks designed to end a diplomatic deadlock...

  • 13. Russia Prepares For A US-Israeli Military Strike Against Iran

    Clara Weiss, 29 Apr 2012

    US influence in the Caucasus and Central Asia has declined significantly in recent years. 

  • 14. NATO: An Alliance Past Its Prime

    Doug Bandow, 29 Apr 2012

    Of these topics, the most pressing and headline-grabbing will be the plan NATO and the United States establish...

  • 15. A Game of Drones

    Ximena Ortiz, 29 Apr 2012

    America’s recent foreign policy has been enabled by a central idea: the United States does things differently. 

  • 16. United States Talks Fail as Pakistanis Seek Apology


    ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — The first concentrated high-level talks aimed at breaking a five-month diplomatic deadlock between the United States...

  • 17. Think Again: Al Qaeda

    Seth G.Jones, 28 Apr 2012

    Over the past decade, U.S. policymakers and pundits have repeatedly written al Qaeda's obituary. 

  • 18. How Europe's Double Dip Could Become America's

    Robert Reich, 28 Apr 2012

    Why should we care? Because a recession in the world's third-largest economy, combined with the current slowdown in the world's second-largest (China), spells trouble for the world's largest.

  • 19. Why I Refused to Return to Fight in Afghanistan's Brutal Occupation

    Joe Glenton, 28 Apr 2012

    Yet conscientious objection is a legal and contractual right. In fact, it is more than that...

  • 20. Evidence in British Court Contradicts CIA Drone Claims

    Chris Woods, 28 Apr 2012

    Sworn witness testimonies reveal in graphic detail how the village of Datta Khel burned for hours after the attack. Many of the dozens killed had to be buried in pieces.

  • 21. A New Infrastructure for Intervention

    Trevor Thrall, 26 Apr 2012

    Second, a bigger intervention tool kit raises the chances of the United States engaging in conflicts...

  • 22. Iran Terror to the South!

    Glenn Greenwald, 26 Apr 2012

    Tehran’s efforts to expand its circle of influence in South America istantamount to exporting state-sponsored terrorism into the region, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said.

  • 23. Noam Chomsky on America's Declining Empire, Occupy and the Arab Spring

    Joshua Holland, 26 Apr 2012

    Noam Chomsky: Actually Ed Herman and I had a second edition to that about 10 years ago with a new,...

  • 24. The Crisis of Zionism

    Paul Krugman, 26 Apr 2012

    The truth is that like many liberal American Jews — and most American Jews are still liberal...

  • 25. Julian Assange's The World Tomorrow: Slavoj Zizek & David Horowitz (E2)?‏

    RT News, 25 Apr 2012

    Slavoj Zizek and David Horowitz are the guests for the second episode of Julian Assange's interview show, "The World Tomorrow". "Intellectual superstar" Slavoj Zizek is a philosopher,... RT

  • 26. Iraq's Road Back From Oblivion

    Robert Fisk, 25 Apr 2012

    As if sovereignty isn't a problem, the Baghdad government are claiming that the Kurds are selling...

  • 27. How Liberty Was Lost

    Paul Craig Roberts, 25 Apr 2012

    Demonization always plays a role. The Indians were savages and the Palestinians are terrorists. Any country that can control the explanation can get away with evil.

  • 28. The Globalization of Hollow Politics

    Chris Hedges , 24 Apr 2012

    I went to Lille in northern France a few days before the first round of the French presidential election to attend...

  • 29. Carter warns against possible war with Iran

    Middle East Online, 24 Apr 2012

    Carter, a naval veteran who served as Democratic president from 1977 to 1981, said that while he is "not against conflict when necessary," the criteria for a just war are often not met.

  • 30. Afghanistan War: US, Afghanistan Finalize Strategic Pact

    Heidi Vogt, 24 Apr 2012

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