Innocent Victims In The Global War On Terror


By Former U.S. Congressman Paul Findley

Very few people in the private sector and very few –unfortunately- in the public sector understand the vital importance of charitable organizations in meeting human tragedy, especially the tragedy spawned by the war on terror. I believe the book “Innocent Victims in the War on Terror” is a timely and effective call for action by government leaders and I hope they will respond to it quickly and thoroughly. It is obvious that what has been done already has undercut the priceless contributions of charitable organizations, and unless changes are made in the work of the government and its endeavor for the war on terror, there will be many more millions of people who will suffer needlessly. The organizational structure of charities is already one of the victims of the war, which resulted in unmentioned and untold calamities that are intensifying the toll of war in human terms. The book has done a splendid job in presenting these calamities and pointing to the steps taken to restore some semblance of order and goodwill and effective service by Non-Governmental Organizations.

NGOs have been a part of international life for a long time and I am sure that the people who have been framing the war on terror took steps without any historical knowledge of the past, without any appreciation of what has been done before. They need to do that even this late, and this book provides the historical foundation upon which the corrective action, the remedy, the repair can be accomplished. NGOs have been historically and vitally important to our nation and to all nations and that fact I am afraid has been almost overlooked totally by those who put together the voice on the war on terrorism. This war on terrorism has been misdirected from the start. This is only one aspect of the war on terror that has brought more damage than gain to our human brethren.

The book depicts an underreported story of human tragedy and the author demonstrates in a unique skill and impartiality the human impact along with the statistical information that, taken together, is a very telling story which deserves urgent attention by our current power structure and those who can influence that structure. As far as I can tell, the mass media has totally missed this compelling story and the author has done a great service in presenting it so well that any editor, any reporter, and any student will find it compelling and highly important. I think the author has done, as far as I know and can tell, an absolutely comprehensive study of the problem, has condensed it to a very brief document, and has done it with the lucidity that the human tragedy deserves. The book is brief enough that it should have the attention of the opinion-makers, the power structure in our government, and the private sector.

Very few people outside the non-governmental arena appreciate the extent of the services of human character rendered by the charities. This book along with its other attributes is an introduction, a resource, and a reference document that can help step by step those who are determined to rebuild the structure of the affected charities as quickly as can be done.

Moreover, a war on terror is something new in human experience. I am not sure there is a good rationale or a plan for a war on terror, this war has been put together in a haphazard way, without much fore-thought, our law-makers jumped in the challenge and made rules that were not carefully thought. So we have to eradicate the bad deeds of yesterday and have as our goal the resurrection and the strengthening of the non-governmental organizations.

That needs to be our goal and this book speaks perfectly through it.

Paul Findley

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