• 1. Saudi Salafism in Western Writings

    --, 18 Sep 2014

  • 2. The Islamic Fundamentalism of the Wahhabi Movement

    Dr. Jaafar Sheikh Idris, 24 Sep 2012

    The word "fundamentalist" was originally used, as is well known, to describe an American Protestant movement which is said to have arisen out of the millenarian movement[1] of the 19th century, and which came into its own in the early twentwentieth century "in opposition to modernist tendencies in American religious and secular life"[2] The term is derived from a series of tracts, The Fundamentals, published in the USA in 1909.[3]

    However, fundamentalism in the sense of a return to the fundamentals of a religion and a rejection of secularism was soon discovered to be a world-wide phenomenon. There are among adherents of all religions of the world some who have been disillusioned with secularism and who have decided, therefore, to go back to their respective religions, and not only to reject secularism but to organize themselves and fight it, each from the point of view of his religion, and to provide alternatives to it. Thus there are fundamentalist Jews, fundamentalist Buddhists, fundamentalist Hindus, and so on.

  • 3. The Tide Could Turn Against Radical Islam

    Dr. Max Singer, 21 Oct 2010

    The root causes of the conflict between Islamism – and indeed Muslim society more broadly – and the rest of the world undoubtedly existed in 1979...

  • 4. The battle against cyber-jihad

    Brian Whitaker , 29 Sep 2010

    Wahhabism is the ultra-strict brand of Islam that originated in Saudi Arabia and jihadists see Wahhabis as "possibly the only group..."

  • 5. The Road to Wahhabism

    Victoria Toensing, 21 Sep 2010

    Washington’s Islamic Center, a magnificently arched structure gracing Massachusetts Avenue on Embassy Row,...

  • 6. Behind the mosque

    --, 26 Jul 2010
    The report noted that Saudi "Wahhabi" scholars feed the jihadist ideology, legitimizing an "extreme intolerance" toward non-Muslims,...

  • 7. Wahabis, the Nawasib and the Rawafid

    --, 29 May 2010
    As for the term Wahabi, this is different and has been the subject of popular misconception. As Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz mentioned in his...

  • 8. What Distinguishes the United States Is Our Pluralism and Tolerance

    --, 24 May 2010
    The vast majority of Muslims, of course, are peace-loving. The fanaticism found among the Wahhabists of Saudi Arabia is not found in many of the countries...

  • 9. Saudi Prince Salman: The Term 'Wahhabi' Was Coined by Saudi Arabia's Enemies

    --, 14 May 2010
    In a move rare for a representative of the Saudi royal house, Prince Salman bin 'Abd Al-'Aziz, governor of the Riyadh region and a head of the Saudi royal family, ...

  • 10. Saudi Arabia Awakens To The Dangers Of Wahhabism

    --, 21 Apr 2010
    The faith that was founded more than 14 centuries ago in what is now Saudi Arabia still suffuses the daily life of almost all the population there,...

  • 11. Jihadism and the destruction of Western Civilization

    --, 17 Mar 2010
    The teachings of the reformer Abd Al-Wahhab are more often referred to by adherents as Salafi, that is, "following the forefathers of Islam."

  • 12. Global Terrorist Gives Terror Warning to America

    --, 24 Feb 2010
    Al-Faqih told me al Qaeda's structure "can never collapse." He says it consists of three circles. Inside the first circle is what he calls "...

  • 13. Fighting extremism

    --, 22 Feb 2010
    Wahhabism has become the tool of anger against the colonial West and has now grassroots support among younger Muslims living at home or in the West.

  • 14. It’s All About Schools

    --, 15 Feb 2010
    Small, economically deprived Yemen was an easy target. Uncritically accepting of the “truths” of Wahabism became the core curriculum in many Yemeni schools,...

  • 15. Terra Incognita: A clash of cultures or ideologies?

    Seth Frantzman , 21 Jan 2010
    Wahhabism is usually thought to have vanished into the desert after it was defeated by Ottoman punitive expeditions in the early 19th century.

  • 16. The Sunni Divide: Understanding Politics and Terrorism in the Arab Middle East

    --, 19 Jan 2010
    By understanding the Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabism not as two similar manifestations of a single movement but as two separate movements,...

  • 17. Wahhabism and the First Amendment

    Michael W. Schwartz , 15 Jan 2010
    Moreover, ancillary organizations created or maintained by Wahabbist funders include the Muslim Students Association, the Islamic Society of North America,...

  • 18. Who Is The Enemy In Afghanistan?

    Ramtanu Maitra , 06 Oct 2009
    The Pakistani ISI and the military trained this group of Islamic zealots indoctrinated by Saudi-funded Wahhabism, an ultra-conservative version of Sunni Islam.

  • 19. Liberal Saudi Columnist: With Wahhabism as State Religion, There's No Chance of Reform for Saudi Schools

    --, 02 Oct 2009
    "Reform in the Saudi curricula is therefore useless. The examples presented above show that the calls for such reform will produce no results as long as the Wahhabis...

  • 20. Muslim Politics, Across The Street

    Chris Good , 01 Oct 2009
    In that regard, the protesters actually shared something in common with conservative U.S. think-tankers: al-Baqee's sworn enemy is Wahhabism...

  • 21. Politics, Terrorism, and the Sunni Divide

    Samuel Helfont , 29 Sep 2009
    Wahhabism and the Muslim Brotherhood are two distinct forms of Sunni Islamism. They have separate histories and separate worldviews. In reality they are not even the same type of movement.

  • 22. From Mecca to Medjugorje - Part 2

    Stephen Schwartz & Irfan al-Alawi , 05 Sep 2009
    Freedom of expression, an elected legislature, and other political and economic reforms would do much more to improve the bad image of Saudi Arabia,...

  • 23. From Mecca to Medjugorje - Part 1

    Stephen Schwartz & Irfan al-Alawi , 04 Sep 2009
    But residents of Mecca and Medina have both been repeatedly disturbed, over the past 200 years, by the precepts of Wahhabism,...

  • 24. Rochester doc recalls being in Saudi Arabia during attack at holy site

    Joey Cresta , 24 Aug 2009
    He blames terrorist attacks on the Wahhabi sect, which he said holds to a strict interpretation of the Koran and believes in death to dissenters.

  • 25. Pakistan must confront Wahhabism

    Adrian Pabst , 22 Aug 2009
    All this changed in the 1980s when during the Afghan resistance against the Soviet invasion, elements in Saudi Arabia poured in money, arms and extremist ideology.

  • 26. Saudi-Iraqi Relations – The Iraqi Perspective

    Dr. Nimrod Raphaeli * , 15 Aug 2009
    But, for the Iraqi government, the worst Saudi offense is the support given by the kingdom, and especially by its Wahhabi clerics, to terrorism in Iraq through the supply of funds and suicide bombers.

  • 27. Hide and Seek

    Nina Shea and Ali al-Ahmed , 12 Aug 2009
    For nearly 25 years, the Islamic Saudi Academy (ISA), the Virginia school founded by royal decree of Saudi King Fahd in 1984, immersed students of its Islamic-studies curriculum in the same Wahhabi interpretation of Islam...

  • 28. Oil and Terrorism

    Walid Phares, 10 Aug 2009
    Wahhabism has been the most aggressive incubator of madrassas and extreme-Shariah militants throughout the Sahel for decades.

  • 29. American Crescent

    Stephen Schwartz, 05 Aug 2009
    The value of Gartenstein-Ross's book resides mainly in its description of ways in which Wahhabism has penetrated every aspect of American Muslim life,...

  • 30. A different jihad

    Barney Zwartz, 23 Jul 2009
    In the past 35 years, the oil-rich Saudis have poured at least $100 billion into exporting the exclusivist and puritanical Wahhabi version of Islam.

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