• 601. In Bed, Not in Good Faith

    Stephen Schwartz, 16 Feb 2004
    The warnings of Islamic scholars and European travelers about the dangers of Wahhabism were ignored for generations, especially after oil made the Wahhabi-Saudi alliance a valuable partner of the Western powers. That is the story Baer tells in "Sleeping With the Devil." The broadening of interest in the problem has led, inevitably, to a coarsening of commentary upon it that one must expect from an audience that wants a faster and easier way into the controversy and not a textbook treatment.

  • 602. US pressures Norway to extradite leading exiled Kurd

    Niall Green, WSWS.org, 15 Feb 2004
    Finally, Ansar al-Islam espouses the harsh ultra-orthodox Islamic ideology of Wahhabism, the doctrine promoted by the Saudi royal family, and quite distinct ...

  • 603. Crown prince backs reforms

    Washington Times, 14 Feb 2004
    Sami Angawi, a self-described Sufi leader of the Hijaz who criticized Wahhabism and the Saudi royal family at a Jidda lecture during Ramadan last December, and ...

  • 604. Al-Qaeda, Casting a Shadow of Terror

    Hossam el-Hamalawy, 14 Feb 2004
    Al-Qaeda and Islamist radicals voice real political grievances in religious terms. Bin Laden did not initiate Islamic militancy and it will not die with him.

  • 605. The Making of a Jihadist

    Carol Devine-Molin, 14 Feb 2004
    Who are the enemies of Jihadists? That would be all of us in the western world, including Muslims of a more moderate persuasion that don't share the radicalized views of the terrorists. Sure, the Jihadists are hell-bent on annihilating the "infidels" or non-Muslims, but their targets really extend beyond that finite concept -- Radical Islamists have no qualms about striking in the Muslim world (Turkey, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, etc.) if it benefits their cause. Moreover, America, Israel and the e

  • 606. Ending Wahabism Influence in Saudi Arabia

    Hari Sud , 14 Feb 2004
    Wahabis stayed in the background after WWII. They were thankful to the West for providing them help in exploring and exploiting its oil wealth. The problem first started with the Israel – Palestinian conflict. It galvanized the Mullahs and they began to preach anti Semitism, anti west and anti infidel message.

  • 607. Yandarbiyev: The killing of a Chechen leader

    --, 13 Feb 2004
    Chechen rebels fight because they want an end to the human rights abuses and policies emanating from the Kremlin, rather than because they have developed an affinity with Wahhabism or a belief in Osama bin Laden's wider cause.

  • 608. Jihad on the Bookshelf

    Trudy Harris and Vanessa Walker, 12 Feb 2004
    Wahhabis believe laws laid down in the Koran, termed Shari’ah law, should be the way society is governed. Other moderate Muslims say official groups are spreading this literature, rather than a few individuals returning from the Middle East with books in their suitcase.

  • 609. The Protean Enemy

    Jessica Stern, 09 Feb 2004
    What accounts for al Qaeda's ongoing effectiveness in the face of an unprecedented onslaught? The answer lies in the organization's remarkably protean nature. Over its life span, al Qaeda has constantly evolved and shown a surprising willingness to adapt its mission. This capacity for change has consistently made the group more appealing to recruits, attracted surprising new allies, and -- most worrisome from a Western perspective -- made it harder to detect and destroy. Unless Washington and it

  • 610. From golden age to an embattled faith

    Stevenson Swanson, Tribune national correspondent, 08 Feb 2004
    Islam once was at forefront of civilization. The author compares the glorious past and troubled present of Islam...

  • 611. Wahhabism splits Saudis

    John R. Bradley, The Washington Times, 07 Feb 2004
    JIDDA, Saudi Arabia — One humid evening in the lush garden of a villa belonging to one of Jidda's oldest merchant families, a select gathering of...

  • 612. Portrait of a Wahhabi

    Stephen Schwartz, 31 Jan 2004
    Democracy will prevail over terrorism, and Islam will be liberated from Wahhabism. Justice will be done, in the cases of Randall Royer and others. As always, truth is on the march.

  • 613. Saudi Dupes

    Stephen Schwartz, 29 Jan 2004
    Saudi spending to impose Wahhabism on global Islam, he noted, "is a combustible compound when mixed with religious teachings in thousands of madrasahs [Islamic schools] that condemn pluralism and mark nonbelievers as enemies . . . It needs to be dealt with."

  • 614. Wahhabis at the Gate

    Stephen Schwartz, 26 Jan 2004
    I came away struck by the fact that these European Muslims, living in a remote and disregarded country, understand the truth about the Saudi/Wahhabi t

  • 615. What Is Wahhabism?

    --, 21 Jan 2004
    Wahhabism is the name given by the opponents, even enemies of Sheikh Muhammad ibn Abd Al-Wahhab to his teachings. Neither he nor those who agreed with

  • 616. Jihad and Martyrdom

    Steven Stalinsky, 17 Jan 2004

  • 617. Morocco Struggles to Tamp Down Radical Islam

    Ilhem Rachidi, CSM , 04 Jan 2004
    But while local Islamist leaders have often distanced themselves from Wahhabis, some still deny the damaging influence of the Saudi Arabian export. "I

  • 618. Threat of Terrorism Used to Silence all Legitimate Means of Islamic Expression

    Zubair Hussaini, 02 Jan 2004
    Clearly, the agenda of the West is to silence all forms of debate and criticism of their policies within the Muslim world; such as the continuing occu

  • 619. Arabian Twilight

    Lowell Ponte, 30 Dec 2003
    The symbiotic marriage between the Judeo-Christian West and Saudi Arabia, defender of the holy city of Mecca towards which 1.2 billion Muslims now bow

  • 620. Saudi Embassy in Washington agrees to curb the spread of Wahhabism

    AH Jaffor Ullah, 22 Dec 2003
    Strangely enough, Saudi embassies all over the globe have autonomous Islamic affair wings that promote the Saudi version of Islam. The embassy's relig

  • 621. Neo-conservatives and their Influence on American Society

    Leo Strauss , 20 Dec 2003
    Avid enemies of freedom, individualism and secularism, the neoconservatives succeeded in passing the US Patriot Act which curbed civil liberties. They

  • 622. Spreading Saudi Fundamentalism in U.S. Network of Wahhabi Mosques, Schools, Web Sites Probed by FBI

    Susan Schmidt, Washington Post, 17 Dec 2003
    "A growing body of accepted evidence and expert research demonstrates that the Wahhabi ideology that dominates, finances and animates many groups here

  • 623. Saudi Cash Scrutinized by U.S. for Terror Ties

    Josh Meyer, Times Staff Writer, 17 Nov 2003
    WASHINGTON — Even as they nurture a partnership with Saudi Arabia to smash Al Qaeda, U.S. officials are quietly investigating whether funds disbursed

  • 624. The Wahhabi Movement

    H.E. Sheikh Saleh Bin Abdur Rahman Al Hussain, 03 Nov 2003
    If you were to ask 100 people from 100 different countries to define what a Wahhabi is, you would very likely get 100 different answers. This is becau

  • 625. Working Paper On The War On Terror: What Is Terrorism?

    IslamDaily.net, 02 Nov 2003
    This question is justified because there does not seem to be any agreement on how terrorism is to be defined. Determining whether a certain activity i

  • 626. Wahhabism: Toxic Faith?

    David Van Biema, 07 Sep 2003
    The debate persists as to whether the state religion of Saudi Arabia breeds intolerance or is just misunderstood. Religious movements often originate

  • 627. Reading an Enemy

    David Blankenhorn, 20 Mar 2003
    The new audiotaped message purportedly from Osama bin Laden, first broadcast on Al-Jazeera TV on February 11, is addressed to ``our Muslim brothers in

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