Sudan Rejects Talks with South Sudan

Khartoum, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir rejected holding new talks with authorities from South Sudan, and assured that the troops who still remain in his country will be expelled.

  In a speech before hundreds of people in this capital on Saturday night, al-Bashir noted that his government will not allow oil from Juba to be transported through Sudan, "not even if they share their profits with us." 

The mass rally was to celebrate the capture of the border area of Heglig, a major oil strip where the two countries have clashed over the past few days.

Al-Bashir denounced that his rivals use the profits from oil sales to destroy Sudan and fund criminals.

He noted that his government closed the doors to talks on oil with the neighboring country, adding that he was not afraid of the Liberation Movement of the People of South Sudan or the western states that support that organization.

There are still some troops from South Sudan in the two bordering states of Blue Nile and South Kordofan, he assured.

Authorities in Juba issued a communiqué to announce that the troops received the order to leave the oil region due to international pressure.

 April 21, 2012, Prensa Latina