Muslims Reply to Trump

Mr. Trump:

We, the Muslims, understand your worries about the security of the #American citizen. This is a strength ‎point for you. Another strength point for you: your confession that you do not know “what is going on”. Now, that confession articulates exactly your blocker to achieve better performance in your ‎decision making. You just need to read, ask, and find the facts. That is very much ‎easier and wiser than going to divide the world on religious basis, and ‎restore the racism dark age of religious Inquisition. ‎

Here are the are the 3 facts that you just need to know about:  #Islam, #Muslims, and #‎ISIS, and that may explain some of what is going on: -

‎1.‎         Fact #1: About Muslims: Muslims are not ISIS, even though ISIS carries the Islamic name. Muslims are ‎normal people that represent the quarter of the world population, and count for more ‎than 1.7 billion, living in 57 Muslim countries, members in the UN, and tens of millions ‎of Muslims live in Europe, Canada, America, and Australia. While ISIS is not normal ‎people, but a military and criminal organization, with several thousands of recruited militants. Now holding 1.7 Billion normal people responsible for several thousands of criminals is like holding 350 Million Americans responsible for several thousands of American criminals in Jail right now. That is irrational, unacceptable and irresponsible judgement.

‎2.‎         Fact #2: About Islam: ISIS does not represent Islam religion, even though it phony claims it is an “Islamic ‎State”. ISIS contradicts the Quran doctrine of living in cooperative peace with other religions on ‎equal basis of citizenship, of prohibiting religious discrimination, and of protecting the human right of ‎religion selection. ISIS contradicts the Quran values of protecting human ‎lives, human blood and human properties. ISIS contradicts Quran’s mission set for its Muslim followers to construct ‎the earth with every good deeds for all people and animals living on it. That is the Islam revealed from Allah, written and documented in the Quran, not the lies articles written in terrorist’s books. ‎

‎3.‎         Fact #3: About ISIS: ISIS was created, and it has been trained, operated and protected by the US and ‎Israeli intelligence instruments in order to dismantle and destroy the Arab and Muslim armies, rulers, and ‎countries, not for any sake of the American citizen, but for the strategic sake of Israel’s ‎expansion plans. Ask your US administration about its declared plans to ‎arm, train, and protect the militias of ISIS, Muslim Brothers, and many others of Islamic ‎extremist military groups in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Africa, in the aim ‎of destroying these countries, planting civil wars, and displacing their women and children.  ‎Ask if it is true that the world military alliance led ‎by the US is incapable of eliminating ISIS from the earth since more than a year. Ask about the real task of these forces. And why it is not declared for ‎the American citizen so that they know where their tax payment spent in, and for what ‎cause their children lives are taken in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and on its soil right now. Ask your administration where is the ‎American citizen interest in destroying Muslim countries like Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, ‎Palestine, Afghanistan, Somalia, Mali, Nigeria, and the displacement of millions of ‎children and women, and then refusing to shelter these refugees under the pretext ‎that they terrorists, another unfair judgement.


Abdel-Halim Mahmoud

Proudly Muslim